Providing and promoting standards in Coaching and NLP

GraduatesThe National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP) is committed to the integration of high level skills in the field of psychotherapy.  The NCP recognise Coaching and NLP both separately and combined as highly effective approaches in personal change.

The Guild of Coaching and NLP has been formed as a place to connect.  We want to provide a practical and accessible place for the Coaching and NLP learner and skilled practitioner alike to share ideas, ask questions and connect with each other. The Guild provides a strong voice to you the skilled practitioner.

This is a place where you can explore the amazing world of Coaching and NLP and how they relate to each other.As

As a standard bearer for the modalities of Coaching and NLP and we believe in the ability they have to bring effective and lasting change to people.

The Guild is your ‘go to’ place for Coaching and NLP questions.  We will respond to your professional questions.

We provide high quality training, learning and CPD development opportunities and promote transparency in standards and expectations of trainers and practitioners.