Connecting With Others

We are committed to supporting you in a relaxed and easily accessible way.  We believe in Coaching and NLP.  They are wonderful transformative processes and we have amassed a tremendous body of evidence from applications which reflect life, work, relationships, health, to name a few.

To become a competent individual in the field of Coaching and NLP, we need a place to ‘check in’.  We benefit from having a trusted place to connect with and find clarification.  A reliable network or ideas about our practice as Coaches and NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners.

This is what you can do to connect:

  1. We have a Facebook group which is open and which you can join – here’s the link:
  2. You can post any question and we will give you a good answer based on applying NLP within the Coaching language and behaviours.
  3. You can connect with us on anything at all related to NLP and Coaching
  4. We will respond each day to the questions