Guild Standards

The Guild Standards

The Guild Standards stand upon the shoulders of the National Council of Psychotherapists Code of Conduct and ethical framework.  As a member of the Guild of Coaching and NLP you will be expected to adhere to the standards of the NCP and will specifically produce annual evidence, using the forms on this page, of the following:

Continuing Professional Development – Members will provide evidence of completion of 30 hours of  CPD per year.

Professional Supervision – Members will provide evidence of Coaching and NLP specific supervision provided by an NCP recognised supervisor.

Working professionally and effectively with the client – Members will commit to effective professional standards of practice.

Outcome focused – Members will consistently apply Coaching and NLP behaviours which lead to well-formed outcomes.

Working with Integrity – Members will demonstrate that they work within integrity reflecting the core competences of Coaching and NLP.

Responsibility – Members will take responsibility to create an environment which provides the best opportunity for personal change to take place.  This will include engendering and maximising resourcefulness.

Connecting and Networking – Members will work to connect with other professionals to build a network which will add value to their own practice.

Upholding the very highest standards – Members will practice Coaching and NLP to the very highest of standards.

Working within an Ecological framework – Members will apply any change processes within an ecological framework which recognises, illuminates and respects the environment in which they live, work and socialise.