Guild Team

The Guild Team

We have been asked by the National Council of Psychotherapists to head up the newly formed International Guild of Coaching and NLP.

The NCP are committed to raising the standard of training in the fields of Coaching and NLP and recognise that our professional practices, here at Simply Changing, are informed by a deep understanding of the learning process and a passion for supporting our learners to absolutely know HOW to apply that learning.  We have long been recognised by the NCP as a leader in high quality training provision in Coaching and NLP.

Therefore we were entrusted with the development of an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training programme which is:

  • Accessible
  • Based upon practical application of skills
  • Easy to learn
  • Well supported
  • Dynamic and energetic
  • Learner focused
  • Structured around application of learning

The NCP see the ‘sheep dipping’ style of learning, where people attend a full immersion programme lasting 7 days for practitioner and 18 days for master practitioner as inaccessible and not conducive to good application of learning in the real world.  Of course you will know this absolutely matches our observations too.

The NCP therefore asked us to create programmes of NLP which reflect our amazing Coaching Programmes.

Our Highly Effective Style of Training

Our style of training is highly successful and therefore highly effective and this has been recognised by the NCP, something we here at Simply Changing are really proud of.

I know lots of you have been asking me about the NLP programmes and I’m so delighted that I can now tell you all about this and release the dates too.