Being connected with the Guild

As a member of the Guild you can connect with us and bring your questions and ideas.  We will share your ideas and answer your questions on Coaching and NLP.

As a member of the Guild you will have the opportunity to build your public profile by writing blogs and papers and having them published through the NCP.

Making sense of the membership

The Guild provides a buoyant network of practitioners who want to:

  • Connect with each other through Facebook and Twitter
  • Ask questions about skills and knowledge relating to Coaching and NLP
  • Connect with accredited programmes
  • Connect with supervision
  • The NCP provides the ‘protection’ for those who meet its standards, of the professional association, membership of the NCP allows the following benefits:
    • Proof of membership to a professional body
    • Subsidised insurance rates

What does it cost?

Membership is FREE in the first 12 months

So join today!!

We will keep your year 2, very competitive too!!  For less than the price of a good lunch, year 2 is affordable and will keep you ahead of the game.


  • There are two levels of membership
  • First Year Membership which is FREE
  • Full Membership (when you have demonstrated that you have met the standards of the Guild or have successfully completed a Guild accredited programme)

First Year Membership (Free)

  • First Year Members – you will produce a portfolio of evidence which demonstrates your application of the standards
  • You will join the Facebook group and behave in a manner which is professional and reflects high level communication, Coaching and NLP skills

Full Membership

Application for Full membership will be via 3 routes:

  • Direct Full Membership via successful completion of an NCP and/or Guild Accredited Programme
  • Successful submission of portfolio of evidence after 12 months of ‘First Year Membership’
  • For renewal of full membership – CPD evidence will be required each year

Applications for membership

All applications for membership are to be made to the NCP using the appropriate membership form below:

The NCP to administer all applications for membership